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Piano Lessons For All

Welcome to The Pianology! We offer piano lessons to students of all ages and grades, from beginners to advanced pianists. As a studio, we aspire to create a community for students to share their love for music and grow together. Read on below to find out more about what we do!

Weekly one-on-one lessons

Our lessons are challenging for students as we encourage them to consistently strive towards higher levels of understanding and refinement.

Image by Kevin Wang

Annual Studio Concert

Celebrating excellence in music-making, The Pianology’s annual studio concert showcases the studio’s finest achievements in piano-playing.


Regular Performance Classes

Each student of The Pianology will have an

opportunity to perform for at least one of the studio’s performance classes every term.

Workshops and Masterclasses

To further inspire our students, we often organise workshops on music history catering to different ages and levels. Apart from workshops, The Pianology also actively invites internationally-renowned artists to conduct masterclasses for our students.


Ensemble-Playing Opportunities

At The Pianology, students are given ample opportunities to play together with their peers in various ensemble settings.

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