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Discover The Musician In You

The Pianology is a piano studio built on a common vision of nurturing in the next generation a life-long love for music and a passion for sharing their craft.

Unleash your musical potential

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Our team consists of award winning pianists and pedagogues.

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We provide regular performing opportunities for students on top of weekly lessons.

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We welcome your inquiries. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our passion for music

Featuring our educators, Daniel Le and Anthony Hartono's passionate performances! 

Our Events

Our events are organized to nurture passion, enhance skills, and build a vibrant community of piano students and enthusiasts.

Hazelle Lam (Parent of Zanna)

"Teacher Victor has much needed patience to coach my mildly special needs child. Not only is he a highly trained pianist, he carries the passion for teaching as he imparts musical knowledge and technical skills to his students."

Theresia (Parent of Hugo and Rae)

"We are very grateful and thankful for Ms. Michelle for teaching our kids to play the piano. Her passion, skill, and styles are just incredible. She cultivates and patiently nurture my kids how to love and play the piano well. My little one who is still very raw in this learning always says that he can’t wait for the next lesson with Ms. Michelle."

Janie (5th grade parent)

"My son has studied with Teacher Daniel over the past year. Daniel is an excellent teacher and provides insightful ways to keep my son interested. Daniel has been able to strike a nice balance between inspiring my son, helping him develop his piano skills, and instilling the importance of practice."
  • What is covered in a trial lesson and how do I sign up?
    For beginner students, trial lesson will focus on understanding the student’s learning style as well as their natural strengths and weaknesses. For younger beginners, we will also evaluate their abilities to follow instructions and their fine motor skills. In the case of transfer students, the teacher will assess the student’s technical capabilities and musical/theoretical understanding. Students will be asked to bring along one or two pieces as well as any scales/technical exercises that they are working on. After the session, the teacher will advise you on his/her findings and how to best guide you on your musical journey. You may also let the teacher know of your learning goals. Use this session to get to know your teacher better and you may ask any questions!
  • What is the ideal age for my child to start piano lessons?
    Ideally, experts recommend starting lessons at 5 to 6 years old as children at this age will have acquired the fine motor skills, i.e. the abilities to move fingers independently, and are also able to follow formal structured lessons. However, starting lessons earlier is definitely possible, especially if the child shows interest and desire to learn. Older beginners, on the other hand, have the advantage of progressing faster due to their maturity and learning capabilities.
  • Will my child go through practical and theory examinations? When will he/she achieve Grade 8?
    ABRSM/Trinity examinations may be good learning goals for students but we do not make it compulsory for the students to sit every grade and/or go through exams every year. Important milestones are Grades 1, 5 and 8 along with Diploma examinations. Every child is different and progress depends on practice commitment, parental support as well as his/her strengths and weaknesses. We believe in cultivating a lifelong love for music and building a very strong foundation in musical training. Achieving a Grade 8 should not be the end goal.
  • Will my child take part in performances and/or competitions?
    Yes! Our studio provides ample opportunities for our students to perform. Cultivating a love for performing is one of our missions, and we make sure we do just that. Internally, we have regular studio classes as well as our annual studio concert. In addition, we encourage students to take part in local/regional/international competitions and festivals to further inspire them.
  • Are there any replacement classes for missed lessons?
    Students have to submit a request for replacement class at least 24 hours before their usual lesson slot. Teachers will try their best to schedule the replacement class based on their availability as well as the studio’s. Replacement classes must be conducted within the same month.
  • I prefer to have weekly lessons conducted in my home, will that be possible?
    Yes! Our teachers are able to travel to your homes with a small additional transport fee to cover their travel cost and time. Arrangements are subject to availability of teachers. Contact us to register your interest in our outcall lessons.
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