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Registration Form

Welcome to The Pianology! Please complete this registration in full. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you achieve your musical goals!

The Pianology studio policy:


Enrollment policy:

  1. All payments are due on 14th of the month. The school will impose $20/month if the fees are received after the 14th.

  2. Lesson fees do not cover lesson materials (books, sheet music etc.).

Lesson policies:

  1. Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons.

  2. Scheduling of lessons will be done on a first-come, first served basis.

  3. There will be no lesson during public holidays.

  4. Students are required to give a minimum of 24 hours notice for any cancellation of a lesson, otherwise, the lesson will be forfeited and no make up class will be given, unless it's an emergency circumstances with documented evidence.

  5. In case of absence and the teacher agrees to give make up lesson, a make up lesson will be offered.

  6. Lessons missed by teachers will definitely be replaced or the fees will be refunded.

  7. Each student will be entitled for 4 lessons every month. Should there be 5th week, no lesson will be conducted on that week.

  8. 5th week will be used for teachers to arrange make up classes.

Other policies:

  1. Parents are highly encouraged to be present during the lesson so that they can help the child to practice at home.

  2. Any damage to the studio instruments/facilities caused by the student will be the responsibility of the student or the student's parents to repair or replace.

  3. The teacher reserves the right to end the lesson early if the student comes to class unprepared repeatedly.

  4. The teacher reserves the right to terminate lessons for any student who demonstrates disrespectful behavior.

  5. The school reserves the right to terminate the student's enrollment if tuition payments are not made for 3 consecutive months.

  6. The school may photograph or record the students during the lesson or events and may use the materials for promotional or archival purposes.

  7. All studio policy are subject to change at the discretion of the school.

Form submitted!

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